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DRU – The fire specialists since 1754

With DRU, your fireplace fantasy becomes a reality. Domestic or commercial, new build or refurbishment projects are all enhanced by the style and comfort of a contemporary fireplace. Whether you choose wood, electric or gas heating, we have a range of designs and capacities to meet your clients’ specifications. Here is a selection of our latest models.

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Transform your projects with the latest electric fire technology.

DRU Virtuo Evolve is an innovative electric fire, with a unique projected flame picture. It is available in a variety of sizes and has realistic flames with glowing embers and authentic sound effects.  And because of its safe operation and low carbon footprint, it is the ideal solution for restaurants, hotels, offices and other public spaces.

A superior selection of designer gas fires.

DRU Maestro designer gas fires can be installed in false chimneys, dividing walls and many other locations around the home. They produce high, natural flames, are energy efficient and can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

Contemporary wood fires and stoves with high efficiency

We produce and distribute a huge selection of designer wood fires and stoves under the Dik Geurts and Spartherm brands. They are suitable for new build or refurbishment projects and meet all major UK and European emissions and efficiency standards.

Bioethanol fires for domestic and commercial applications

Our new selection of emission-free Ebios bioethanol fires are easy to install in almost any location  and add atmosphere to homes, hospitality and leisure settings.

Dealers throughout Great Britain

We have over 200 approved dealers and installers in every part of the country. They have showrooms with live display models and provide consultation, installation and technical support services.

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