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JUMP into DESIGN® – Go beyond 3D renders to experience interior design like never before

First-of-its-kind software that creates personalised & hyper-realistic 3D designs.

Jump Into Reality, the award-winning technology company specialised in interactive content and Virtual and Augmented reality platforms, brings to the UK their revolutionary all-in-one programme, JUMP into DESIGN®.

The idea behind it is simple: make interior design easy and affordable for everyone. Less time-consuming and frustrating for professionals, affordable for clients and a sales multiplier for brands and retailers.

The cloud-based platform is very intuitive and it allows design professionals to create and personalise, on the spot, stunning designs in 2D and 3D, in a matter of minutes and with thousands of real objects to choose from. Designers can then capture, in one single click, an unlimited number of hyper-realistic renders and share them with their clients on any device. How is this possible? With JUMP into DESIGN®, users take full control of both sunlight and indoor light to achieve the desired effect on colours and textures, for the best shot every time. All they need to do is select light temperature, intensity and beam. Even the view from the windows can be personalised!

And this is not all. Design professionals can also jump with their clients into the design of their real space and experience a real-life walkthrough on a computer screen or have an immersive experience and move around the space with their body via a VR headset.

The software was developed for interior designers and architects to help them manage the entire design process by providing a tool that saves them time and allows their customers to easily understand their ideas, engage and make faster and better decisions. JUMP into DESIGN® brings the future to this space, as it does not require users to purchase expensive hardware nor go through technical training. Instead, they simply sign in and begin to turn their ideas into reality, easily customising their projects to align with their customers’ unique needs and demands, while being productive straight away.

Upon sign-in, users can access ready-made inspirational spaces created by Jump Into Reality’s experienced designers. These spaces can be tailored to suit any given project – designers can add or move walls, tailor the outside view to reflect a client’s property and see how the space will look at different points in the day, as the sun travels through it. They can also furnish and decorate using an ample 3D catalogue of genuine products from leading brands, such as MADE, Porcelanosa, BoConcept, Vitra, Kave Home (soon available in the UK), Meson’s, La Redoute and several others. In order to streamline the process of purchasing furnishings and decorations, the programme also generates a report with all the pieces added to the designed space, along with direct links to the product retailer embedded in each 3D object, a feature that allows faster and easier sales.

In short, JUMP into DESIGN® is a must-have for interior designers and their clients: it is easy to use, it allows to design in record time with impressive super-fast 3D rendering, provides inspiration with ready-to-use designs, grants access to a combination of generic and branded products and, importantly, it is highly cost-effective.

JUMP into DESIGN® is available in four licence options, tailored to designers with different needs and project flows. Prices range from zero for the FOREVER licence to €209 monthly for UNLIMITED, the top licence. If you choose an annual over a monthly subscription, you save up to €418 per year.

Head over to Jump Into Reality to see it action, discover the latest offers and begin your journey with JUMP into DESIGN®!