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Fully tanked, one-step solution that lasts decades


When choosing tileable construction elements, common sense dictates to look for products that provide protection against mould and fungus, offer 100% watertightness, thermal insulation as well as decoupling and at the same time are also ready-to-tile. Such products not only provide peace of mind but also reduce installation time and efforts resulting in trouble-free interaction of all trades working on site.

Design diversity, versatility and practicality are also important factors in selecting the right solutions, so that there are no restrictions in achieving the desired style/individual design whilst also allowing last minute changes should there be any unexpected issues on site.

Founded by a master tiler Helmut Wedi in 1983, wedi understands the needs of the industry. The standard wedi product range evolved into its current form through listening to the needs of its clientele, providing them with solutions and using their feedback to further develop the existing range of products and solutions.

From tile backer boards in standard or flexible formats or pre-formed cladding solutions for baths and pipes, through shower elements in countless sizes and many different designs or a multitude of practical elements such as ready-to-fit partitions, niches or benches, to wellness elements such as steam baths, loungers, creative wall solutions or ready-to-fit bathroom furniture – every wedi product is designed to interlock with one another including countless accessories such as sealing and decoupling membranes, acoustic products or vapour solutions for example, providing a full system solution from one manufacturer.

Engineered with German precision and manufactured with 100% renewable energy, wedi products are unbeatable when it comes to their quality, versatility, longevity and how easy and safe they are to work with.
Thanks to characteristics such as extremely low weight, waterproofness to the core, high loadbearing capacity (vertically 133kg/m2) or thermal insulation (0.036 WmK), wedi is a one-step solution. Furthermore, unlike cement board for example, wedi creates very little dust when cut/worked on thus provide a safe working environment for contractors.

Recently introduced to the market, the wedi Top series is the first ‘visible’ solution in the wedi product range. Whether it be a bath cladding, wall surface or a shower floor, there is a seamless design surface to fit the purpose. Both natural stone and classic mineral surfaces are extremely easy to cut allowing for the creation of individual patterns thus extensive freedom in design. As a modern alternative to the classic tiled look, thanks to the antibacterial finish and the absence of grout lines, these design surfaces promote hygiene across the whole bathroom and at the same time, thanks to their low heat conductivity, further enhance the thermal insulation properties of backing wedi elements.
The design diversity of the wedi product range together with the customisable, modular nature of its elements provides unparalleled design freedom for specifiers.

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