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Hidealoo launches spaces changing folding toilet bracket

Hidealoo is making the installation of toilets in small and hard to fit spaces even easier with the launch of its discreet moveable frame.

The steel mechanism allows a toilet pan to be swivelled through 90º meaning it can be hidden inside a wall or cupboard when not in use. As well as creating more flexible floor space and otherwise impossible counter space, this gives greater options for installations within homes where adding a new bathroom may not otherwise be possible. For example, by allowing a toilet to be fitted within a utility room cupboard, bedroom wardrobe, or in a cabinet underneath loft eaves.

The Hidealoo frame is manufactured in Britain and works with any standard UK wall hung ceramic pan and 110mm waste pipe. It has been tested to hold 400kg in weight and has been successfully operated through 250,000 flexing cycles with a fully flooded pan and pipes – the equivalent of the pan being used 10 times a day for 65 years while blocked up to the rim.

Installation is simple and thanks to its strong flexible pipework, a toilet attached to the frame can be flushed in any position.

Its inventor, Monty Ravenscroft, has spent the last 25 years pioneering designs for innovative moving elements in architecture. His space-saving London home being featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs and labelled “one of London’s 10 most remarkable Homes” by Open House Architecture Festival.

Monty was inspired with the idea for the frame when designing solutions for his home that would maximise the space available by making it more flexible in use. He also wanted to create something for his invalid father, who needed the convenience of bathroom facilities in his bedroom but in a discreet way that preserved his dignity.

He explains:

“Not only does Hidealoo free up valuable space to allow enhanced use of a bathroom or cloakroom, but it supports the installation of systems in many alternative positions.”

Case study – mezzanine bedroom

Frankie was keen to maximise the space available in her new home and worked closely with her architect on its design. A key focus was the mezzanine floor, which needed to be multipurpose – working as a bedroom, a study area, and a bathroom – whilst not being made to feel cramped with the furniture and fittings required.

Favouring clean modern lines and light uncluttered spaces, Frankie was keen to include a toilet within the mezzanine bathroom, but for it to be hidden from sight. She didn’t want it to block easy room access, or to be looking at a toilet when working. Nor did she want to have to go downstairs to reach a toilet during the night.

Hidealoo offered the perfect solution allowing the toilet to be hidden inside a cupboard fitted beneath a rooflight, utilising the available head height. When not needed, it can be folded away, freeing up prime floor space, while maintaining the elegant, overall design of the room.

Frankie commented:

“I searched and searched online for a way to hide the toilet and that’s when I came across Hidealoo. The frame is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. It has given me the flexibility to be able to use the space in different ways and above all, hides the loo from view. I’m really pleased with the end result. Hidealoo has help make the best use of the space.”

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