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ZEROplus Launch New Circular Vision Panel Glazing Kits

Leading door hardware supplier ZEROplus recently launched its top-selling, flush-fitting Slimport circular vision frame in a convenient kit form. The new circular vision panel glazing kits include everything you need to install your porthole vision panels in your doors or partitions, saving the time and hassle of sourcing other individual components. 

Available in a fire-rated or non-fire-rated option, the fire-rated kits include the attractive round Slimport vision frame, fire-rated safety glass, fire-rated glazing tape, intumescent aperture liner and all fixings.

Gavin Hogan, Sales Director at ZEROplus, says:

Individually sourcing and selecting the correct vision frames, safety glass, and glazing tapes can be inconvenient and take up valuable time—and who’s got time to waste? But selecting what you need from our circular vision panel kits is quick and straightforward. Simply select the size, finish, and style you need, and the stunning Slimport vision frame will be delivered to you as a complete kit ready to install.’

Especially important when sourcing vision frames for fire doors, our new kits provide essential peace of mind that all kit components have been fire-tested together, providing a fully fire-rated vision frame installation you can trust. Sourcing individual components from different suppliers that haven’t been fire tested together could present a dangerous fire risk.’

The new circular porthole glazing kits suit three different door cut-outs of 250mm, 350mm and 450mm. Featuring countersunk holes in the bevel return on one side only and 25mm screws that pass through the door cut-out and fix internally, the circular vision frames are free from visible fixings on the corridor side, creating a flush fit and a contemporary, clean-lined design.

Gavin continues: ‘Whether you’re fitting a single circular vision frame in a door or a few to create a unique, design-led look, Slimports offer an excellent aesthetic and safety choice for commercial buildings such as hotels, bars, restaurants and public buildings.’

Along with more convenience and improved peace of mind, the Slimport circular vision panel glazing kits help to reduce potential collisions in busy areas and create visually appealing, design-led doors.

To find out more about the new circular vision panel glazing kits from ZEROplus or their extensive range of door hardware, visit or call 01785 282 910.