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Arper supports A Lot With Little, an exhibition showcasing ethical and responsible architecture   

Arper, a global design brand that envisions products for the ways we live, reaffirms its commitment to culture by supporting the groundbreaking exhibition A Lot With Little, which made its world premiere at the Venice Architecture Biennale this week.

A Lot With Little, a project created and produced by curator Noemi Blager with films by Tapio Snellman, showcases the extraordinary work of ten architects from across the globe who have responded to the climatic, social and economic crises.

The exhibition consists of a multichannel film installation – exclusively adapted to a single screen for Venice – showcasing selected projects in their existing settings, alongside insightful interviews with the architects themselves. This immersive experience allows visitors to grasp the design challenges and experience the feeling of inhabiting these spaces, instead of merely appreciating their visual appeal.

Arper’s decision to support A Lot With Little stems from the recognition of shared values: culture, sustainability and care towards people. These values play a central role for Arper, which aims to become an example of responsible business, by implementing sustainability in the organization’s culture, as well as in its processes and products.

Roberto Monti, CEO of Arper, comments, “A Lot With Little is a fascinating journey into architecture, which in this project best expresses its true meaning – to listen to and accommodate people’s needs, in different contexts and moments of their lives. Supporting and promoting this project for us means echoing a powerful message: in architecture -and in design- you have to put people at the center, in order to offer new and useful solutions to their needs.”

Noemi Blager, curator, adds: “A Lot With Little presents the inspiring work of architects from both the Global North and the Global South. While the showcased projects respond to very different cultural, climatic and socio-economic realities, they are all conceived ethically and responsibly, with the future of the planet – our home – at its core.

It was important that the funding for this exhibition came from an equally responsible and ethical source, which is why I approached Arper, and I’m thrilled to have their support.”

The premiere of A Lot With Little was held at the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale, as part of Carnival, the series of meetings, lectures, panel discussions, films, and performances designed by Professor Lesley Lokko to explore the themes of The Laboratory of the Future.

After the Venice premiere, the second leg of the exhibition will be continued at the Chicago Biennial from October 26 to January 13, and will continue its international tour in 2024.