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AWARD WINNING CREATIVE STUDIO: METROPOLIS (Romania) bold & eco-conscious design practices for a more sustainable future

Award-winning creative studio Metropolis has a unique approach to design that combines architecture, production design, and digital and high-tech tools. Their goal is to develop complex and innovative projects that keep in mind their clients’ needs and make a positive and significant impact.

Born exclusively as an architectural practice, Metropolis has now evolved into a full-fledged brand development studio. Focusing on parametric design and progressive architecture, Metropolis analyses emotions and builds community connections in the context of digital, participatory design, innovative spaces, and social sustainability. This approach has helped Metropolis establish itself as a leader in its field. The multi-disciplinary character of Metropolis is reflected in their approach with numerous awards, diverse clients, and multi-disciplinary projects in Architecture, Product Design, Visual Communication, and Art Installation.

Founder and leading architect Dragos Epure guides the closely-knit members of the Metropolis team with the same passion and drive that has defined his remarkable journey. From studying architecture at the Technical University of Karlsruhe and the Technical University of Iași to graduating with a master’s degree in Production Design from the prestigious University of Television and Film Munich alongside a wealth of experience gained through working on various projects in the field of media design and architectural building in Germany, he has established himself as a visionary dedicated to creating innovative and inspiring designs that push the boundaries.

With headquarters in Romania, Metropolis’ aspirations extend far beyond their borders. Their bold and transformative projects have left an indelible impact on Bucharest’s vibrant nightlife and urban landscape, fostering significant social change. The studio’s primary focus remains on public spaces, ardently advocating sustainability incorporating responsible construction practices and materials with a minimal carbon footprint in every project.

Metropolis continues to make their mark on the international stage, having been nominated two years running for the prestigious international Restaurant and Bar Design Awards in London. In a remarkable achievement, the studio clinched the prestigious Biophilic Design award in 2022 for the unique design of Hiro Bay, rightfully positioning the Romanian studio among the world’s foremost designers.

Dedicated to fostering a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow through conscientious design principles, Dragos Epure embarked on an inspiring journey during the lockdown. He started an online course at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he immersed himself in the realm of sustainable architecture and mobility. Simultaneously, he nurtured his unwavering passion for parametric design—a path that Metropolis studio has significantly embraced in recent times. This direction harmoniously resonates with the studio’s overarching ethos, firmly rooted in the pursuit of responsible and eco-conscious design practices that serve as catalysts for a greener and more sustainable future.

Epure is enthusiastic about this philosophy and believes that it is essential to be committed to nature and sustainability as a guiding principle in every project, as well as keeping strong ties to their local community; every project they take on is an opportunity to create meaningful change, not just in architecture but also in the lives of those less privileged. They established Metropolis Academica, a charity that grants scholarships to deserving students from Iași. “By investing in their education, we aim to create a brighter future for our community,” he enthuses.

More recently, Metropolis Studio has undertaken a project of great social importance that involves transforming public spaces in Bucharest. This project aims to redefine the urban canvas of the city, which has been dominated by office buildings surrounded by concrete and parking lots. The team’s vision is focused on breathing new life into this small urban area. Additionally, they have submitted a new project, Nuba Chalet, for the Restaurant & Bar Design Award 2023. This unique restaurant is situated in Poiana Brasov, near the ski slope. Combining the beauty of nature, the mystique of the elements, and the ingenuity of architectural design to create a space that takes guests on a sensory journey.