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The English House

English House Lamp

The English House light fittings are equally at home in every period of building from Tudor manor to minimalist modern studio, and from intimate rooms to large public spaces.

These light fittings are handmade in England. They have a classical simplicity, and have been designed by Charles Morris, who has a national reputation for architecture which combines the best qualities of traditional form and materials with a subtle contemporary touch.

The English House lights draw on a tradition of the Arts & Crafts movement of a century ago, when architects such as Lutyens and Voysey would design every part of their buildings, including light fittings. Like them, Charles Morris is a member of the Art Workers Guild. It is this Arts & Crafts connection which defines their robust construction and simple, honest form.

This is a unique range of designs which, by avoiding a known style, draws upon beauty of line, which is timeless and feels right wherever it is found.