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ZEROplus Announce Successful Fire Testing for their Clear Glass Slimport Circular Vision Frame

The top-selling fire-rated clear glass Slimport Circular Metal Vision Frame from leading door hardware supplier ZEROplus has recently undergone new fire testing. This testing confirms the attractive, flush-fitting clear glass vision panel provides up to an impressive 240-minute integrity in a fire (depending on the door and glass used).

Fire-rated glass vision panels are an excellent choice for commercial properties for many reasons. From aesthetics and lighting to practical and safety purposes, having fire-rated vision frames fitted in a building’s fire doors will help to open up a space and keep its occupants safe.

Slimport clear glass circular vision frames not only allow lots of lovely light to flood through a building, open up otherwise claustrophobic corridors and make doors look great, but they also improve a building’s fire safety.

Mark Lockley, Managing Director of ZEROplus, explains: ‘A glazed vision panel makes it possible to see what’s on the other side of a door while the door remains closed. An excellent safety feature, fire-rated vision panels mean a fire can be assessed while safely looking through a closed door. They’re also great in potentially hazardous environments, such as laboratories, and in busy areas, such as restaurants, bars and clubs, where they help reduce the risk of potential collisions from either side.’

Glazed vision panels are aesthetically pleasing and extremely practical in fire doors. But if your fire door features a vision panel, it should, like all its other door hardware, be fire-rated.

Vision panels for fire doors feature fire-resisting glass that can withstand the heat of a blaze for at least 30 minutes before it begins to soften. Non-fire-rated, ordinary glass, in contrast, will quite quickly crack in a fire and fall out of its frame.

Mark continues: ‘Our top-selling clear glass Slimport Circular Metal Vision Frames not only make any door look great, but new testing means they can provide up to an impressive 240-minute integrity in a fire. Our clear glass circular vision frames’ flush-fitting design with unique concealed fixing creates clean lines, improved safety and enhanced aesthetics.’

Available in stainless steel and zinc-plated mid-steel ready for colour coating, the Slimport Circular Metal Vision Frames are available to suit the four most popular door thicknesses of 40mm, 44mm, 50mm and 54mm with tolerance either way of ±2mm.

To find out more about the Slimport Circular Metal Vision Frame and the extensive range of fire-rated door hardware from ZEROplus, please visit or call: 01785 282 910.