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TV architect George Clarke to crown design challenge winners

Users of a new £28m complex needs facility design award trophies

RENOWNED architect and TV presenter George Clarke is set to announce the winners of a creative design challenge that will help shape a new £28 million complex-needs facility.

Young people from across the country were invited to take part in a design brief to help envision how a new inclusive community and sustainable building project in Perth could look like.

In partnership the Ministry of Building Innovation and Education [MOBIE], a charity founded by George Clarke, the challenge will play a crucial role in shaping charity Capability Scotland’s new inclusive Bertha Park facility in the city.

George Clarke will judge the final submissions, and present unique trophies designed by some of the customers who will benefit from the facility once it has been constructed.

Springfield Properties and Sigma Capital Group have also sponsored the challenge and awarding £250 technology vouchers for the winning entry from each category.

Five awards will be up for grabs at the presentation ceremony which will take place on the 29 June at 11am at Capability Scotland’s Upper Springland development.

George said:

“I am very excited about seeing the entries and meeting the finalists to this inclusive community student design competition.

“I know from experience that the creativity and innovation revealed by young people entering MOBIE’s design challenges is incredible, and never ceases to amaze us. I’m absolutely certain that these young designers and the quality of their submissions will match the extraordinary levels of ingenuity and skill and will wow us all.

“The brief for this integrated residential community development sets challenging problems for any designer, and so I cannot wait to see the answers these young people propose. I genuinely hope their designs will help and inspire Capability Scotland and its design team moving forward with this amazing project.

“I also hope MOBIE can continue to work both with them and Scottish students to bring this community to fruition. My sincere thanks to everyone in the Capability Scotland team for their help, support and involving MOBIE.”

Each trophy has been created by customers at Upper Springland using a variety of arts and crafts materials such as paint, clay, and recycled objects, with the personal interests of the individual customer at the heart of each design.

The trophies themselves showcase remarkable creativity, with one featuring a nature-inspired theme and a clay house design, while another adopts a playful theme using Rubik’s cubes, dominos, and Duplo, showcasing versatility.

A total of four trophies will be bestowed upon the winners from each age group, while an additional trophy, designed in the likeness of a prestigious BAFTA award, will be presented to the overall champion of the design challenge.

Customer Jason Donnell has been inspired by the variety of designs submitted. He said:

“I really enjoyed creating my trophy as it was good to try something different. All the designs have been great and we are excited to see who will win the awards.

“I like that I used an old Coke bottle as part of my inspiration and hope the winner will enjoy it.”

 The awards ceremony will be followed by a project launch event announcing the plans for the new £28 million complex-needs facility at Perth Concert Hall at 6.30pm.

Capability Scotland will discuss the progress of its exemplar facility, ‘Our Inclusive Community Project’ – which has been co-produced by residents and staff to ensure the needs of all who use the provision are met.

Brian Logan, Chief Executive of Capability Scotland, said:

“We are on the brink of doing something really special in the social care sector, and the announcement of our exemplar facility will mark a key milestone in not only this project’s development, but the evolution of social care within this country.”

Capability Scotland is a charity delivering care, support, and education for disabled children and adults across Scotland. It has a range of facilities and services across the country which helps its customers achieve the best outcomes in their lives, no matter their needs.

MOBIE was founded in 2017 by architect and television presenter George Clarke to inspire young people to revolutionise the way we think about the places in which we live. He aims to give younger generations a way to define how they want to live now and in the future.

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